We are Grainger & Jameson, the perfect example of a small business, we are new for 2018, we started off selling our handmade items on the Etsy marketplace and after having a very successful first few months we have recently decided to take the big step and go it alone on the big scary web, so here we are and hopefully here to stay for the long run so thanks for stopping by and feel free to get in touch, ask questions, leave feedback, share opinions or anything else :)

We are fully committed in providing high quality products which are timeless in style which would fit a range of interiors; most have been handmade ethically with the environment in mind, we use sustainable, natural materials and we believe in the values of Fair Trade, we work with Artisans from around the world who help create our products.

We really believe that going forward in this world we all need to do our part to save this gorgeous place we call home so this is my venture to do something i love which combines values in which i believe in.

In my short 30 years on this earth I myself have seen such drastic changes to the environment which to be honest, shares the life out of me for sake of my children's futures, i dread to think if things carry on as they are what state thing will be in 10. 20 years time, I want them to be able to live in a world which is still every bit as beautiful as it ever was, not a place where oceans are filled with plastic and animals are dying because of our inability to care enough to do little things like recycle.

As humans I think we all need to do our little part and preserve the planet, but, enough rambling from me, i'm sure you get my point :)

A lot of our items are made to order which you will see reflects in the delivery timescales, in-particularly the larger items of furniture, please contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Thanks again,

Grainger & Jameson